Wednesday, August 12, 2015

“IdiBeri” – now for Android – BBC News

The application for the buyers “IdiBeri” is available in Google Play – the company announced the release of “digital divide”. Users of Android-devices are part of the community, which is designed to make the shopping process easy and fun – the application now can free download in Google Play.

With the help of “IdiBeri” owners of smartphones and tablets, working based on Android, can read reviews on products and write your comments. Suffice it to scan the bar code on the package or drive name in the list to see the combined rating of the product, read the comments about it, and then – to evaluate the product and share their impressions: specify the dignity comment to the manufacturer and tell your story related with a particular purchase. “IdiBeri” allows the user to generate the desired products from the “smart lists” that can be and lead together with friends and family.

“We are happy to present” IdiBeri “users of devices based on Android, which is today – the vast the majority – said the head of the company “Digital technology” Alexey Bychkov. – The emergence of “IdiBeri” in Google Play, on thousands of different mobile devices, marks for service access to a huge market, allows you to better develop their potential. This is both a challenge and a serious help for the project “.

In July, were launched version of” IdiBeri “to the App Store and the site At the moment, several thousand users have installed iOS” IdiBeri “and use its services, but since the advent of applications in Google Play is actively connected to the community and users of Android-devices.

For the” IdiBeri “formed a unique and extensive database of several million SKUs, that in the vast most cases provides the user with an instant response to the request. The developers will constantly expand and improve the database “IdiBeri”, and to do it will be with the users of smartphones based on iOS and Android.

“The active user feedback on Android-devices launch “IdiBeri” in Google Play fully meets our expectations, and in some ways even surpasses them. We see that people are actively trying the app, create lists of products for their everyday needs, in large quantities upload photos and publish hundreds of reviews on the products. It is interesting that the audience grows daily impressive acceleration that strengthens our belief in the success “- said the project manager Ivan Kudryavtsev.

Among the already completed projects of” digital divide “- the popular mobile applications, commissioned by RTR: application “Russia. Television and Radio “, which opens a direct mobile access to TV channels holding a social news service” Mobile Reporter “, which allows users to send photos and videos from the event, as well as news apps” News “and” News. Economy “, with content television channel” Russia 24 “and sites and


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