Friday, August 28, 2015

IPhone users healthier owners of Android-smartphone – Mail.Ru

Service Eat24 for three months collecting information about what people bought their applications for different mobile operating system and compared the data between iOS- and Android-users. 27 3% of iPhone users are choosing the filter “healthy eating” in the preparation of the order, while in the “green robots” This filter uses far less popular – only 17.8% refer to this sort available to service products.

Of course, the use of a filter does not mean that users have to buy healthy food, and speaks only of primary interest, which also noted the researchers. N if you look at Statistics with orders, it becomes clear that the vegetables are still more likely to buy the owners of iPhone – 35% against 28% on Android. But those who use a smartphone with a “green robot” by as much as 10% more likely to choose hot dishes, so that enjoyment of food they receive is likely much larger.

By the way, home delivery iPhone users bought half as often, preferring to reach for food on their own. Not the fact that they follow it on foot, of course, but clearly commit more gestures for food, rather than the owners of Android-smartphone.

In the end the company holds more cheerful parallel, noting that the logo Apple (somehow issledovateliotdali prefer the old “rainbow” Variations ) – it is an apple, and all versions of Android, starting with the 1.5 Cupcake, contain the name of a variety of sweets. It seems that this is the most impressive argument in the dispute of who the owners of smartphones with iOS and Android healthier. Users select smartphones, depending on what the logo at their gadget called themselves like OSes. And the devices themselves, the possibility of the operating system, the ecosystem – is secondary.


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