Monday, August 17, 2015

Hackers have stolen 5 million rubles. with a bank card holders Android – RBC

Employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Tomsk region in cooperation with the security service detained a group of hackers Savings Bank, which was engaged in the theft of money from bank cards of Russian banks, said on Monday, August 17, the press office of the Savings Bank. Hackers engaged in the organization of virus attacks on smartphones and tablets running on the operating system Android.

According to the Savings Bank of the criminal group consisted of seven residents of Tomsk. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Tomsk region, the program that used the crooks, once installed on a mobile device to seek balance tied to the bank card number, concealed received notification and transfer money to accounts controlled by the attackers.

During the detention scams which intensified in February 2015, were confiscated computers, 25 mobile phones, 150 SIM cards and a large number of bank cards. Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Tomsk region previously estimated the amount of avoided damage to the bank’s clients in more than 5 million rubles.

In the investigation of the fraudulent scheme involved the deputy head of investigations of incidents of information security Group-IB Sergei Lupanin. He told RBC that a group of hackers managed to steal a lot of money, because it is only beginning to develop a scheme to write off assets. According Lupanina scheme has been built in such a way that the victims of hackers may be residents of any Russian region.

Lupanin also noted that the scheme write-off of funds from bank cards using smart phones on the Android platform is quite common, and the number of crimes its use is growing. According to him, smartphones based on this operating system more vulnerable to hacker attacks than the mobile devices on the platform iOS.

In recent years, the Russians are increasingly becoming victims of card fraud. According to the Central Bank in 2014 with maps of Russians were illegally written off 1.58 billion rubles. The average amount of write-offs amounted to about 5.7 thousand. Rub.


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