Saturday, August 29, 2015

Creator antivirus received 10 years in prison for hacking Android – Mail.Ru

Within four months Culbertson worked in the firm FireEye, dedicated to the development of anti-virus software for Android-Gadget. It is the responsibility of the programmer included solutions to optimize search engines malware for OS Android.

Note that FireEye, like Trend Micro, and a number of other companies are often accused of attacks on US computer systems group of pro-Russian hackers. In particular, in late July FireEye published a report which stated that the use of backdoor Hammertos to mask malicious activity in traffic Twitter, GitHub, and cloud storage.

Dendroid – application designed Culbertson in 2014 together with Dutch counterpart under the name Mike. Basic functionality Dendroid enables the development of spyware applications for Android-gadgets that can seamlessly shoot at the camera smartphone or tablet, record video and audio, is on the devices photo, and then send the malicious file.

At the forum Darkode program sold priced at $ 300. The developers are also offered on a competitive basis the application source code so that other users have also been able to create their own version of the tool with minimal effort.

In Google Play in 2014 was found at least one application that was developed using Dendroid. To get in the official catalog it could due to the fact that the passed system Bouncer, which Google uses to check for published applications.

At the trial Culbertson apologized to users, hack smartphones which helped develop their tools, and promised that in the future their skills will be used exclusively to combat viruses. Despite the fact that the judge chose the maximum penalty, virus writers are likely to be released early. By virtue of the penalty shall enter December 2, 2015, and before that the convicted person will be free – he is not a threat to society, so the bail in the amount of $ 10 thousand. But will he be able to continue their studies at the university, it is still unknown.


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