Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Yandex has released a virtual keyboard for Android – Russian Newspaper

Yandex has released its version of the keyboard for smartphones running Android. This was a year after the release of a similar application for the iPhone.

According to Yandex, keyboard downloaded from the App Store more than 300 thousand times. It is noted that this is not only an alternative keyboard for mobile phones, but the symbiosis of useful services, which are often used for personal correspondence or the creation of posts in social networks – emodzhi, SIFCO, search for places and addresses, as well as a translator

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Keyboard from Yandex is able to correct mistakes in words and supports voice input, up to the placement of commas. In addition, she is able to “learn” and eventually will offer the end of phrases – the accuracy will depend on the duration of use of the application. By the way, it works in all applications and knows four languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and English

Yandeks.Klaviatura is already available for download on Google Play



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