Monday, May 16, 2016

WhatsApp hacked because of the “hole” in the Android security system – TVNZ

The founder of the company-developer of antivirus software McAfee John McAfee said that he managed to hack WhatsApp messenger because of a vulnerability in Android. It is reported by Engadget.

As McAfee claims due to a vulnerability in its Android OS team was able to gain access to encrypted messages in messenger. As proof of his words sent reporters employed smartphone messenger installed, and then showed an encrypted conversation one of them. He also sent all the required information to researchers on cybersecurity Cybersecurity Ventures.

McAfee is in no hurry to blame WhatsApp in the detected flaws, it is more, the Google problem. Serious vulnerability in design can lead to the fact that all the forwarded photo, video, audio, documents, and calls can be intercepted by means of established programmers of malicious software.

According to antivirus founder, he is ready to free of charge cooperation. McAfee believes that must tell the world about the problem, to prevent unwanted “leakage” of personal information.

However, experts from the company Lifars, who conducted a special examination, think differently. They believe that this trick does not require a root-access to the phone is likely to use McAfee spyware keyboard and other similar programs, writes Engadget

Encryption WhatsApp messages appeared at the beginning of May 2016.. Reports of this have been distributed to all users of the messenger.


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