Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Android, there was a Trojan stealing credit card details – RSUTE

Representatives of Avast, which develops antivirus programs report that appeared on Android Trojan that steals credit card details. Thus the Russians using smartphones for various banking operations, are in danger.

In Russia, widespread malicious virus, which poses a threat to the information contained on a credit card. The virus spread to devices based on Android. Trojan penetrates them through social networks in which users are encouraged to download a useful app.

A malicious virus carries out surveillance of the actions of users. In this case, hackers use the latest methods of camouflage. Penetrating into the smartphone, the Trojan gradually finds out all personal information, including credit card details. Besides the inhabitants of Russia, the virus is also noted in the United States, Germany and the Czech Republic. But most of all affected by the actions of cybercriminals in Russia.

The representatives of the company-developer of antivirus software Avast give advice to users to exercise extreme caution and not to neglect updating anti-virus software on their devices.


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