Thursday, May 12, 2016

Android OS in Europe showed the most significant growth over the past two years, and iOS share continues to decline –

Analysts Kantar assessed the first quarter of this year, Europe’s market of smart phones on the results from the perspective of the prevalence of a particular operating system.


The most important thing that draws attention to the source of this increase in the share of the Android OS. In the countries of the EU5 (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain), the operating system Google occupies 75.6% of the market. This corresponds to an increase by 7.1 percentage points and it is the most significant growth of Android in this region over the past two years.


iOS share on the same markets declined over the three months from 20.2% to 18.9%. She fell and the proportion of Windows, which in Europe has the strongest positions. Now the OS occupies only 4.9% instead of almost 10% a year earlier. Kantar notes that 6.6% of the new Android users switched to smartphones such it with machines running Windows. Migrating from iOS was 3.3%. More 2,6% have switched from Windows to iOS.


As in the case of the US, there is a high demand for the new flagship of Samsung, which have hit the market just three weeks before the end of the first quarter. Galaxy S7 has become the fifth most popular among all the smartphones sold in the quarter. In this model (probably together with S7 edge) had 4.2% of all sales of new smartphones. To strengthen its position and Motorola, whose share for the year increased from 6.9% to 9.8% of the market.


said the source, and the Chinese market, though not in such detail. IOS share fell here also. A year ago it was 26.1%, now only 21.1%. Android for the year increased its share by 5.9 percentage points to 77,7%

Source:. Kantar


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