Friday, May 13, 2016

In the original version of the OS Android N will not be realized Velocity recognition support to the display –

As you know, in the second version of the Android N Developer Preview has found support force pressing on the screen recognition. Then Google confirmed the find, noting that many manufacturers have asked the company to implement such a function in the new version of Android, so that they do not have to dodge their ways.


However, as it became known, in the original version of Android N This function is not available. She will appear in subsequent updates (for example, Android 7.0.1, or the like). The reasons for this decision are not called. Most likely, the Google elementary needs time to bring the technology to mind.


It should be reminded today in the Android Market there are at least two models with similar technology:. Huawei Mate S and ZTE Axon Mini

Source: Recode


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