Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Discloses the secret of the new Android – Russian Newspaper

Already this year, Android-developers will have access to the engine, called Project Abacus, through which it will be possible to create applications that do not require the user to enter a password. This writes TechCrunch.

The technology, designed to replace your password and log on using the fingerprint scanner will calculate the so-called index of Trust Score based on information received from almost all smartphone units.

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For example, the device will be taken into account print speed, especially the user’s voice, his appearance, location and availability of a number of “friends” access points, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

According to the plan of developers, simple applications, such as games, you can start with a low Trust Score, while bank programs require a high level of protection. Value Trust Score is constantly refined, and the higher becomes the “trust” of the smartphone to the user, the lower the probability that it will need to enter your password.

The new system, developed by Google, has tested some universities in the United States.

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