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Why Android 6.0 Marshmallow steeper iOS 9.3? – Telecompaper

Each has its advantages and disadvantages of the operating system. Many people when buying a smartphone or tablet to stop the choice on the Android platform. The reasons may be different: the abundance of low-end models, and, in general, a wide range of devices, as well as some features of the interface

 Android vs iOS


For many users, the important point is the ability to customize the gadget itself. If you are among them, then you are the ideal option would be buying Android-devices.

Here, you can put “live” wallpaper, change icons form freely place folders and icons, install third-party launchers, full widgets on desktop (time, weather, mail, news) and various other ways to transform the interface. While in iOS system, such opportunities are limited to change the screen saver on the desktop and lock screen, as well as the installation of the widget with a clock and battery indicator.

 Customization Android

The Android Marshmallow management mobile device has become even more convenient. You can uninstall any unwanted applications directly from the desktop, without going to the Settings menu, there is a separate volume adjustment for calls, alarms, music and video playback, as well as the ability to add an important reminder in the form of text on the lock screen.

Working with files

Android Download Manager allows you to upload a file to the device in any format, regardless of whether there is an appropriate program to open it or not. The user then chooses how it opens the application. In addition, files can be easily forwarded to other devices convenient way, whether it is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other.

 Android Files

In iOS system, you do not download the gadget until you will not have the appropriate application to launch it.

mode Doze

A very useful and convenient feature to Marshmallow, which can significantly reduce battery consumption. When the device goes into sleep mode, work background applications are automatically switched off.

In the iOS 9.3 has a similar mode Low Power, which is activated when the battery reaches 20% charge level, and works as long as the gadget is not charged up to 80% . In other cases, include this function will have to manually.

Still, it is more convenient to save battery resources are automatically and continuously, especially if it will not affect the smartphone’s speed.

Android Doze

application Permissions

You can hear the discontent of the security system are often in Android-devices, but the search giant is working to improve in this area. To improve the safety of users’ confidential data Marshmallow added the ability to give an application requests authorization for the points.

 application Permissions

If you previously could agree or disagree (and in this case, and not to install) the requirements, you can now easily close the program access, such as “contact” or determining location via GPS.

system Operation

Despite the fact that, according to statistics iOS 9.3 was the most stable software platform, many users complain that when you update older models begin to function more slowly, and worse, and some have become “bricks”. It has already become a kind of trend – with the release of the next version of the system on the network appears more and more complaints and grievances owners “apple” devices

On the other hand, Marshmallow more stable and new, and the old gadgets.. With each update of the Google platform brings improved and more useful features.

Marshmallow vs iOS 9.3

of course, many of these shortcomings in iOS 9.3 can be solved with the help of jailbreaking. But this method is not an official and supported by the company, moreover, can lead to disastrous consequences in unskilled hands. To some, these functions may seem altogether unnecessary.

Each user selects the operating system and the device that is necessary for the soul to him. The aim of this article was to show the potential benefits of using Android 6 Marshmallow platform that can help someone make the right choice.


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