Saturday, May 21, 2016

Android N: that it is new? – BBC News

At the developer conference, I / O, Google talked about the changes that will affect the next major version of Android N operating system, scheduled for release in the fall. There has been shown a preview of Android Wear 2.0 – “Manual” platform for smart watches, bracelets and other worn electronics

The main innovations Android N centered around three things. The first – is to optimize performance. In the next iteration “OSes” Google will support cross-platform API Vulkan for more efficient processing and rendering a complex of 3D-graphics. The interface allows applications direct path to the graphics chip, which reduces the load on the CPU. Another improvement from within Android – new compiler “on the fly” (JIT Compiler), which accelerates the process of installing applications by 75%, and half reduces the size of the distribution

The second thing – increased productivity. A significant change is a new, simplified multi-tasking menu: Now it is limited to the family recently running programs. There also, in response to numerous requests, the button Clear All ( “Clear All”) has been added. If you click on it, Android will automatically close all active applications, freeing the user from routine operations.

In addition, the Android N will be split-screen modes and the “picture in picture” that will use the unallocated space more efficiently. For example, on plashete users can work on Chrome, simultaneously viewing the YouTube-video of the display, or to give one half of the screen browser, and another – an e-mail. Also on Android-devices will be possible to respond quickly to the received push-notification, both of iOS, without leaving the current program.

The third thing – active preparation of Android to support the” hardware “of virtual reality. The next version of the operating system will come with a VR-platform Daydream mode and Android VR Mode, which optimizes application performance in virtual reality. The special regime will be included navigation system to navigate the new VR-environment and even a store with programs, games, movies and music.

Specifically for Daydream company will release a special VR-release applications such as YouTube, Street View ( “street View”), Google Play store (the store Google Play), Play Movies ( “Movies Play”) and “Google Photos”. Programme for the new platform also prepare Internet Movies Netflix and large game studios, including Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

A total of Android N introduced more than 250 new features and improvements. The beta version of the operating system that is compatible with the Nexus devices and tablet-Pixel C, is already available for download on the Google Developers site. The final release of “OSes” are expected in III-rd quarter of the year.

In addition to the Android N, the search engine has released a preview of a new Android Wear platform for “smart” hours. Version 2.0 has transformed the design into the Material Design style and a fully redraw the user interface elements: from the “Cards”, which now display light text on a black background, and not vice versa, to icons and dials

In Android. Wear 2.0 two new input method is provided. Print You can swipe with a tiny keyboard or handwriting recognition mode test, painting letters on the screen one after another. In addition, the new OS enhances worn gadgets that are not connected to the Android-smartphone, allowing them access to the network directly via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or (if available) 3G-module. If the user has gone beyond the Bluetooth coverage area, losing the connection with the phone, the clock will be able to connect to a familiar wireless network automatically.

Preview Android Wear 2.0 (Developer Preview) is now open for download. However, it is only compatible with two models: LG Watch Urbane Second Edition LTE and Huawei Watch. Exit the stable version is expected in autumn

Source:. The Verge


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