Monday, May 23, 2016

Android Auto will appear on smartphones – PC Week / RE

Soon motorists will no longer be required on-board automotive system with support for Android Auto, instead of the platform will be able to work on a smartphone as a standalone application. This Google representatives said at the conference Google I / O 2016. A corresponding update will be released this year.

The idea is to run on a smartphone Android Auto app and use it as a navigation and infotainment system instead of the dashboard display. Cycling smartphone, you can answer calls and messages or manage your music, minimal distraction from the driving process. Manage all functions will be using voice commands: Android Auto will be able to handle them without first activating the voice control function. Give the team will be, saying the phrase «OK Google».

In Andorid Auto also appear navigation application the Waze, by which the real-time mode, you can monitor the situation on the roads, get on the field data, where the accident occurred as well as information about the cost of fuel at the nearest gas station. Currently, the application is necessary to connect a smartphone to the car via a cable, but soon will be enough, and Wi-Fi.

Plus, Google will provide automakers the opportunity to develop your own applications for Android Auto. They can, for example, to report on the need to visit the service and allow you to enjoy the services of assistance programs on the road. These applications are already making Hyundai and Honda.

As noted by The Verge, Andorid Auto smartphone looks rational decision, since many car owners have is the cabin dedicated space for mounting the phone to use it as a navigator. Earlier Android Auto project positioned as a software upgrade for the vehicle computer. After connecting a phone running Android 5.0 and above, the driver can control certain applications on your smartphone using the touch screen car head unit or via buttons on the steering wheel.

By 2015 Android Auto is not installed on commercially available machines, the first car preloaded with Android Auto was the Hyundai Solaris. The Russian Android Auto appeared in April 2016, a similar system from Apple called CarPlay available in the country in 2015.


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