Friday, May 20, 2016

Microsoft Windows crosses with Android: the PC began to appear on the notification from a mobile device –

The appearance of sync

Microsoft began deploying technology sync notifications in Android and Windows 10. This was reported by Reddit users.

One of them said he began to receive notices from the Android-devices in Windows 10, in the center of notifications. He added that, most likely, it was because he took part in the program Windows Insider and Cortana testing program for Android.

Another user said that he managed to achieve synchronization of notifications, even though he is not a party neither the one nor the other program. But for this he had to download the APK-file Cortana for Android.

How it works

In order to see notifications of Android-smartphone with Windows 10, must be installed on the mobile device Cortana Microsoft application. For an assistant you must enter your username and password from Microsoft account. Synchronization is performed through Microsoft servers, as in Windows 10 by using the same Microsoft account

on the left: Windows notification area with a message to Android-device, right: timing adjustment notifications on Android-device

Sync Windows 10 and Android bidirectional. That is, for example, a message marked as read in the mobile application will be marked read and Skype to Skype in Windows 10. And vice versa – when reading a message on your PC, it will be marked as read on your phone.

Lacking owners iPhone

Ability to synchronize the notification was submitted to the Microsoft Build conference in March 2016 The corporation said that the plan does not offer this option holders “apple” devices because the operating system iOS is more closed, and Cortana app through which you sync, can not get access to the necessary data.

It is assumed that nominally in Windows 10 support sync notifications from Android-devices will appear with the release of an update Anniversary Update Summer 2016


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