Friday, May 27, 2016

Google won the court with Oracle about $ 9 billion in compensation for Android –

Years of litigation between Google and the Oracle, concerning the alleged illegal use of the Java programming language for the creation of the Android platform, ended. The court in San Francisco, Oracle does not receive anything from the requested earlier compensation of $ 9 billion.

according to Reuters, the judges unanimously ruled and acknowledged that Google did not violate copyrights Oracle the right to create Android.

Apparently, Google was able to convince the court that the company has used Java to create their own innovative product, rather than “battened” stealing someone else’s intellectual property, according to Oracle.

Oracle representative, however, has said the company would appeal.

Recall proceedings between the companies took place 5 years – since 2010. Oracle accused the opponent in the commercialization of the Java programming language, which is written the Android platform (and on which all applications for this platform are developed). Add to that language belongs to Oracle, so the company’s attorneys believed that they could get a larger payment.

In January, reached the point that Oracle used the confidential, apparently, data, and opened all the profits Google on the Android platform since inception in 2008 ($ 31 billion in revenues and $ 22 billion in profits, according to Oracle lawyer).


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