Friday, April 22, 2016

The new OS is compatible directly with Android, iOS and Windows –

The new OS from South Korea

South Korean software developer TmaxSoft released its own operating system for personal computers TmaxOS. It was presented at a special event in Seoul.

Established in 1997, TmaxSoft is known primarily as a developer of database management systems (DBMS) and middleware software. The company’s flagship product – the database Tibero. In Russia, this database is implemented in the infrastructure of the National Payment Card System, several state agencies and large companies. In mid-2015 the Russian representative TmaxSoft decided to fixing the value of the dollar on the sale of their products to Russian customers.

The two goals of the product

The Director General TmaxSoft Park Hak-Rae (Park Hak-Rae) reported that the operating system TmaxOS two goals. The first goal – to stimulate the development of the local software market. According to him, the market in South Korea, does not develop, because there is no standardization. «TmaxOS is a standardized operating system”, – he added

The second goal -. Oust Microsoft in the global operating system market, which amounts to $ 20 billion a year. TmaxSoft expects by the end of 2020 to take up 10% of this market. Now Windows holds 90,45%, OS X – 7,77%, Linux – 1,78%.

Wide compatibility

In order to TmaxOS in demand, developers equipped with its own browser ToGate and a package of office applications TmaxOffice, including a text editor ToWord, spreadsheet ToCell and editor ToPoint presentations.

Операционная System TmaxOS

TmaxSoft CEO explained that with the release of TmaxOS they get “a full three-component software platform” (OS, Office, browser), which will facilitate market conquest.

In addition, the company has provided the compatibility of these products with popular ecosystems. Based on Unix, for the operating system TmaxOS supports applications from Android, iOS and Windows (on the company did not specify how it is implemented). In turn, TmaxOffice supports work with files in Microsoft Office formats.


In July 2016 TmaxSoft plans to release a beta version of TmaxOS. The final release is scheduled for October 2016

TmaxOS is free for private users. Since commercial companies developer will charge you.


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