Friday, April 15, 2016

Android N can get support 3D Touch – RSUTE

15.04.2016 21:12 / Moscow / RSUTE.RU

Fresh Android N can get support 3D Touch. This is supported by the steps that have been taken by other gadget manufacturers. It is likely that the Americans want to turn the same trick with its novelty.

Many critics on the sidelines for a long time whispering that Android N can get their hands on support 3D Touch format. The reasons for this can be set. For example is the recently announced to the public a device called Meizu Pro 6. Here the technology is already very similar to the 3D Touch was used. However, she was given another name – 3D Press. Not really lagged behind this and Huawei brand.

It is likely that the trend is set for the near future and will take developers from Google. If you believe the rumors, royaschimsya around Android N, then the May novelty this year is to get exactly the functionality that is very similar to that it offers 3D Touch. But this criticism immediately make allowances for the fact that, without the necessary filling 3D Touch does not work only if properly installed fresh OS.


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