Sunday, April 3, 2016

Go on Android BlackBerry did not protect against losses –

With the end of February a Canadian company BlackBerry завершила the fourth quarter of the next fiscal year. Contrary to the hopes, the company has not returned to profitability. The next period brought the company a net loss of $ 238 million. A year ago, for the same period the company reported net income of $ 28 million. The responsibility for the loss of the company impose on partners in the face of a number of mobile operators, which do not wait too long to start sales trends – Priv smartphone based on Android. Previously, we recall, the BlackBerry has decided to cease to rely on its own mobile “axis” and start using Google’s operating system. While it did not work good, but the company still hopes to go out on profitability in the current fiscal year.



According to the management of BlackBerry, the company will continue to focus on “hardware”, but also hopes to increase revenues from the service and from 30% of sales programs. Another type of income is going to be the company’s third development licensing manufacturers (sliding and virtual keyboard, etc.). In this regard, claim in the BlackBerry, has already started serious progress, and soon the money will flow a river.


Until September (in the first half of the financial companies) will feature several models of BlackBerry smartphones running Android. Particular attention will be paid to the promotion of devices with Android among corporate clients. In just the last quarter put 600 thousand BlackBerry devices, and for the full financial year -.. 3 million units, reaching the average sales price of $ 300 per unit. Previously, the company believed that the exit on the average cost for the year is required to sell 5 million. Smartphone. As you can see, there is a will, you can reduce the price before.


From the sales programs and licensing company raised $ 527 million for the year This exceeded the BlackBerry expectations by $ 27 million in the aggregate, however, that we have already noted above, the quarterly BlackBerry revenue decreased by approximately 30% for the year:.. With $ 660 million. to $ 464 million. The company expects to earn about $ 100 million. more. Maybe they are lucky in the future, although analysts are skeptical about the BlackBerry forecasts and consider their expectations too high.


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