Monday, April 18, 2016

The Android N will support 3D Touch mode and virtual reality – Ferra

After the release of Android N Developer Preview 2, developers have begun to discover interesting details about the upcoming new version of the mobile platform

So, profile resource Phandroid discovered the possibility of run support Velocity detection, similar 3D Touch technology from Apple and posted a video about it.

a resource Ars Technica, found in Android N Developer Preview 2 references to the application called “VR Listener” and “VR Helper”, as well as the resolution, warns the user that the application data can be run using the

virtual reality mode (virtual reality mode). Recall, the Google released a second preview version for developers of its next version of the Android operating system last week.

The update brings not only the correction of errors and omissions, but also a number of new features. For ordinary users of notable innovations introduced support for Emoji from Unicode 9, as a result of men become more human, and with different colors of skin, as well as new icons like bacon, and selfie feyspalm. For applications, the opportunity to create shortcuts for the launcher to allow users to perform actions quickly. Also, a new API for 3D-rendering Vulkan and the number of updates to existing API

Of the announced innovations first Android N Developer Preview most notable -. New multitasking Multi-window mode that allows you to divide the display into two windows for different applications, which was mentioned in the rumors. And the regime is not limited to tablets, it is also available for smart phones and even TVs. In addition, a mode “picture-in-picture” for devices like TVs, where you can, for example, watch videos from YouTube, continuing to exchange messages with your friends. Other innovations are not so much apparent common user. For example, you can respond to a message directly from him about how to iOS notifications. Also, alerts from the same application are grouped together optional. Doze function of Marshmallow has been improved for energoberezheniya when the screen is turned off, and developers can use Java functions 8.


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