Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Select tweakers for android-devices: HSPA + Tweaker, as well as the results of consideration of applications 6 –

rank in Google Play

Number of downloads in Google Play
1 000 000-5 000 000

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
4.0 or later

The size distribution
6.5 MB

Application Version

In-app purchases
49.99 rubles

Key features:

  • Reduction of ping jumps to the minimum value, in online gaming, lag becomes much less.

  • Improved quality of voice and video calls.

  • Reduction of delays when browsing online (streaming) video.

  • Two types of custom reconnect “check ping to any host” and “load files of a certain size»

What’s new in version 2.0.2:.

  • Added a setting auto stop.

  • Now, in the method of checking ping the opportunity to download the first packet after a certain value.

  • Fixed an alert on the phones.

  • Added a pause setting, turn off the screen while


In-app purchases, data on Wi-Fi-connected

  • View Wi-Fi connections


  • Unlimited access to the Internet

  • View Network Connections

  • Prevent device from sleep mode

  • Connect / Network disable Wi-Fi

The first impression

When you first start the program, we immediately offered to click in the middle of that, as they say, on the spot speed up your internet. Below is “pleasing to the eye” small banner advertising.

281x450 16 KB Big one:. 800x1280 53 KB  281x450 20 KB Big one:. 800x1280 76 KB

All. 3G-enabled power, but before the deal with his performance, go over HSPA + Tweaker settings.

281x450 40 KB Big one:. 800x1280 134 KB

So, we have first of all beta-version of the application and, therefore, can not be excluded various bugs.

. 281x450 36 KB Big one: 800x1280 136 KB

two types of acceleration can be selected in the settings – “checking ping “and” file download “. Also, after you can choose when you want to download a ping first packet again. There are four possibilities: 300, 500, 700 and 1000 ms. Well, if this option is really works, then increase the 3G-connection speed is really real.

281x450 34 KB Big one:. 800x1280 123 KB

Here we register the host. Default –, but you can drive any which your soul and pleasing smartphone. For the “File download” the same way, select the server and the file size for downloading.

. 281x450 44 KB Big one: 800x1280 138 KB

Advanced settings – auto-program with the distribution of the Internet by Wi-Fi (just my case), energy-saving option (HSPAP off when the device is locked) and stop the service at constant errors network. It is a pity that the number of the latter can not be selected, but “only 3G» I recommend to leave, even if you have this communication standard is unstable. What for? I’ll tell you below.

281x450 42 KB Big one:. 800x1280 161 KB  281x450 40 KB. Big one: 800x1280 134 KB

Of the paid options – off advertising. It is a pleasure just 49.99 rubles, so full-screen banners will be removed out of place and cheap, though … to access the interface of the program you will not so often, so these should not interfere.

281x450 18 KB Big one:. 800x1280 68 KB

At the end settings. With regard to the first impression, what I say is not to check the parameters and at least look promising. But first check out what system to use the program in the background.


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