Monday, April 25, 2016

Google started to integrate Android and Chrome OS –

Combining Android and Chrome OS

Google Inc. has provided an opportunity to use Android applications on the operating system for Chrome OS notebooks. With this discovery shared tehnobloger TheWiseYoda , the disposal of which turned out to be a laptop with Chrome OS version for developers.

When you start the primary settings in the operating system displays a message prompting you to allow the launch of the Android app on this unit. In the current version of the OS, this window is closed before it is possible to click on it.

However, the analysis of the Chrome OS system code Google has confirmed the seriousness of the intentions of developers. In one of the files it has been detected line which confirms the imminent launch of the store Google Play platform Chrome: «ChoosefromoveramillionappsandgamesonGooglePlaytoinstallanduseonyour $ 1 Chromebook ».

Google trial run of the technology

at the moment, run Android apps on Chrome, you can use the utility app Runtime for Chrome (ARC), available in the format of the beta version, since September 2014 it is noteworthy that in the framework of the project to use the Android software can also be on the Mac and Windows. However, initially the opportunity to work with the ARC received only a few select developers, so from millions of Google Play ARC applications supported small number of programs.

Google has provided an opportunity to use Android apps on the Chrome OS operating system for notebooks

in 2015, developers in order ARC Welder program was provided, which allowed a few clicks to run any application on the mobile Chrome computers. As part of this release was carried out support for some features of Google Play, although there was no opportunity to buy premium options within applications: in this case, the Android-program does not start. ARC Welder utility was designed to test developers, end-user access to the Android-apps at this stage is not assumed.

Android-app pulled the notebook market

Corporation Google is quite successfully developing a platform for mobile devices. According to NetMarketShare, 61% of smartphones and tablets in the world are working on Android, despite the fact that its main competitor, iOS – only 32%, and the gap is increasing the search giant’s platform. But the company failed to achieve the same success in the market of operating systems for laptops.

Although the official Chrome OS was launched back in 2011, in 2015, it accounted for only about 3% of the sales of computers, estimated at IDC. Connecting the owners’ hromobukov “to the multi-million dollar bank Android applications can increase the interest of potential users of this class of devices.


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