Saturday, April 23, 2016

The new operating system TmaxOS compatible with Windows, Android and iOS – RSUTE

Moscow, 23.04.2016 21:15, RSUTE.RU.

The new operating system Tmax OS from the South Korean developer will be compatible with other popular operating systems today such as Windows, Android and iOS.

recently as part of the conference in South Korea local experts presented to the audience of curious listeners a new operating system Tmax OS. Its main feature is considered to be the fact that it is able to work together and be compatible with a number of other sought-after now Windows operating systems, Android and iOS.

As the creators of Tmax OS, they wanted to create a product from the scope of programming that could in the future to compete with the giants in the industry and at the same time develop the traditional South Korean market in this environment. It is likely that the Asians are really interested in this development, loving Tmax OS is much more than a product of the US software production. The experts have surprised the public a pretty good estimate of the overall operating system technical component.


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