Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Counter-Strike launched on Android-tablet – BBC News

Kazakh programmer Alibek Omarov (a1batross) adapted the popular game Counter-Strike 1.6 to run on the Android mobile operating system. He managed to create a full port of 3D-shooter, not truncated functions or use the streaming data from the computer

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The source code creation – CS16Client v1.0 – hosted on GitHub. According to the developer, “Shooting” “Android-client to 95-100% compatible with CS1.6″, and it can be run both on single-core and multicore devices. To do this, need to install on your Android game engine and Xash3D APK-package and copy the necessary files and folders on the memory card.

According to the video, Android-version CS1.6 brakes hard enough to control the game and do not as convenient as on computers. However, users can connect a Bluetooth-keyboard, as well as arrange the buttons on the touchscreen on your own, by editing configuration files

Source:. Kotaku


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