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Select the operating system on the basis of OC Android: Android x86 and Remix OS –





During the whole month of Laboratory site does test эмуляторов OC Android . But what if you want a complete operating system, built on the basis of the source code of this system? Perhaps it is time to consider a couple of contenders.

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The list of test systems we have is two participants – the original Android-x86 and deeply customized Remix OS. These operating systems are markedly different from each other, and their common ground – source code and support related applications.

Let’s look at each of the separate systems, consider all the details and mention “life’s nuances.” For a complete picture in the end we will say a few words about another developing an operating system that is built based on Android, but still not out of test mode.

As the test equipment used laptop Lenovo Y510p (Intel Core i5-4200M 2500 GHz, the GT 755 SLI with 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB of RAM, 1TB HDD, Full HD, OC Windows 10 64-bit) as well as the tablet Acer W701 (Intel Core i5-3337U 1800 GHz, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4GB RAM, 120 GB of ROM, Full HD, Windows 8) and Lenovo Miix 2 10 (Intel Atom Z3740 1330 MHz, Intel HD Graphics, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM, Full HD, Windows 8).

Android-x86 (Android 5.1)


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Clean, classic system Android is always good because it contains nothing superfluous and provides a decent level of performance. But this is on smartphones and tablets, which are approved by Google. And what about the operating system that is based on the original image?

Android-x86 is a custom design that has nothing to do with Google, and only supported by the forces of the users themselves.

Getting Started


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To download the system image, you must go to the Android-x86 project’s official website, which does not shine and the beauty of the design, and select the desired version of the OC. Since the project was born in the summer of 2009, the choice of operating systems is broad, ranging from Android 2.2 Froyo to more or less the actual Android 5.1 Lollipop. Naturally, we will test the latest version of the system – OC Android Lollipop.

Load the image, write it on a USB-drive and install. By the way, from “life experience” to say that the drive on which the system is installed, it is best to format in EHT4 for Lollipop and EXT3 for other versions. Otherwise, Google apps and software for system maintenance, according SuperSU type will generate an error drive.

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After all the manipulations of the system boots, of course, a little longer than usual. And then we need to go through the process of pre-operating system configuration: select the use of language, to connect to a wireless network, add your Google account, and so on.

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Then we find ourselves in the home screen OC Android 5.1.1, which is nothing supernatural is not different from the classic image of the operating system.

Accordingly, the menu applications, blind notifications, settings and all the other elements are completely original look: nothing processed, nothing changed. Only adaptation to computers.

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Preset minimum application basically has all of the standard program and nothing more. Even GAPPS not all assemblies are, in this embodiment, a pair of Google’s programs were standard.

Since nothing new and unknown in the form of Android-x86 systems not, offer to talk about operational details. Let’s start with the main thing, namely control. Since the system is completely original, and OC Android is not intended for use on a PC, then there are difficulties with the appropriate control. In most modern games need to use two or three points of contact with the screen at the same time, this is not possible – most computers do not have a touch screen. If the touch screen is available, then it will work, but if not, then for this purpose it is necessary to use Tincore Keymapper application.

On the Android-x86 has a sleep mode, which is activated automatically after closing the lid or cover plate, of course with a magnetic sensor, or if there is a proximity sensor. However, depending on the version of the system and assembly work sleep mode and its presence can even change. In the case of “original» OC Android 5.1.1 all exactly as I described above.

And another important point. The Android-x86 default to all combinations of the Fn function keys, as well as the Print Screen – one click and the screenshot is saved in the system. Conveniently.

Test Application


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Surprisingly, but the Android-x86 is perfectly friendly with virtually all applications and games. All that we did not try to start and run without any problems, even Real Racing 3.

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Our test WOT Blitz that Lenovo Miix 2 that Lenovo Y510P worked to limit the number of frames – 60 FPS. Only sometimes the number of frames per second dropped to 45-50. You can even set a better texture, increase the detail and to include the effects – with this set, we get 30-35 FPS.

Here is a summary table of application performance.


Angry Birds 2
& gt; 60

Riptide GP
50 -60

WOT Blitz
50 -60

Need for Speed ​​No Limits

Clash of Clans

Небольшой nuance, if any game will crash with an error or does not run, then you must go to the following path: “Settings” – Section “Device” – “Application Compatibility” – and set the mark against the item «Enable native bridge».

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But if in some games you have problems with textures, about which no one is immune. It is necessary to wait for system optimization, game or set GLTools or Chainfire3D and try to set up the game for a specific device.


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Android- x86 latest build is based on OC Android 5.1.1 and has all the necessary security packages. system loading speed is dependent on the configuration of the device as a whole to one minute even at the antediluvian device.

Hardware acceleration works with vidoadapterami from Intel, AMD and nVidia. But we must be careful and pre-acquainted with the technical forums as adequately supported GMA series graphics cards are based on the PowerVR, and up to seven thousand AMD Radeon series. With other glandular various problems. In this case, you need to test various assembly, including the user, but it’s all on your own risk.

With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth can be problems, especially if the device is very old and does not have software support. Basically, the only chips from Broadcom work well. Check support for a particular device can be in a special table on the the official website of the project .

The results of synthetic benchmarks fairly average, let’s say, a little better than the emulators. True, depending on the version of the assembly and system performance, and its performance can change dramatically.


AnTuTu Benchmark
110 000

3.4.1 Build 1047
1300 and 2200



Android-x86 – a good option for those who do not know firsthand about all the intricacies of using системы Android . In this case, users will have to deal with interoperability, “iron”, to seek the appropriate version of the system more than once to install the operating system. Ready for this? Then it will give you good performance and stability.

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Developer Android-x86.
Cost FREE.
Requirements 1 GB RAM, 15 GB ROM. Support for the processor and graphics card depends on the particular model.

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