Friday, April 8, 2016

Google wants Android to translate a programming language for the iPhone and iPad –

Swift in Android

Google is considering using Swift language for developing applications for Android. Google executives have met at least once to discuss the prospects immediately after the release of the source language code, according to The Next Web, citing informed sources.

The development of applications for Android is done in Java. In considering Google to place on that role the Swift, however, that in order to fully replace the Java, out of the question, at least for now.

Yet at least one language in Google considered in addition to Swift – he called Kotlin. Kotlin, like Swift, refers to the object-oriented languages. Moreover, it is compatible to Android Studio – an integrated development environment for Android from Google. However, his choice is unlikely due to the lower performance.

Motives Google

The probable cause Google propensity for Swift are the problems of a legal plan with Oracle Corporation, which insisted that Google violated its copyrights and patents . Recently, Oracle demanded that “the search giant” $ 9.3 billion compensation for these violations. Although the Court, this amount has not yet been presented (it happens in May 2016).

Google can start to use the language of Swift

in addition, Google believe that Swift is able to offer greater advantages than Java. What kind of benefits does not specify.

The complexities of integration

Swift can not just take and use on any platform. To create an application to work on it in Android, you need to be developed for this new code execution environment of the operating system.

In addition, Google will have to prepare for the Swift all their standard library, to implement language support programming interfaces (API) and developer tools. Some low-level API in Android are written in C ++. They will have to be rewritten. The same applies to the high-level API in Java.

programming language Swift

Swift was introduced by Apple in June 2014 along with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. It is designed for programming in Cocoa frameworks and Cocoa Touch (OS X and iOS, respectively). Swift code can be used in applications together with Objective C.

«Swift is easy to learn and use, even for those who have never programmed. This is the first system programming language with a simple and expressive scripting languages. Swift established safe: it eliminated whole categories of common programming errors, “- explained in the company then

The original Swift was announced as a private language.. In October 2014 a group of independent developers announced plans to develop an open version of Swift called Phoenix. The authors of the initiative believed that Apple has created its own indoor programming language for developers has been less opportunity for porting applications on Android, that is, in other words, to tie developers to its ecosystem.

They felt that the learning of the Phoenix, the company decides to make Swift open. As a result, APple and received, in December 2015, she published a Swift source code on the official website and in the popular repository.

Swift has received broad support from IBM, as well as major software developers including Lyft creators, Pixelmator and Vimeo – they rewrote their applications.


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