Sunday, April 3, 2016

Select tweakers for android-devices: Root Booster, Kernel Toolkit and Andromizer –

rank in Google Play

Number of downloads in Google Play
1 000 000-5 000 000

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
3.0 or later

The size distribution
1.4 MB

Application Version

In-app purchases
From 59.99 to 119.00 rubles. per unit

Key features:

  • Hibernate (Android system optimization);

  • CPU governor Change;

  • memory manager

What’s new in version 2.3.2:.

  • Improved stability


In-app purchases, the history of the use of devices and applications:

  • Getting data about running applications


  • Get the data on the status of your phone

Photo / multimedia / files.:

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick


  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive;

  • View your data on the USB-stick

Device ID & call information.:

  • Get the data on the status of your phone


  • Closing other applications;

  • Run the device is activated.

The first impression

I must say that Root Booster interface strongly resembles the interface of a “cheerful” optimizer, so the soul immediately sneaking suspicion, not whether another dummy in front of us.

281x450 23 KB Big one:. 800x1280 61 KB

In fact, we have a fully automatic control system of the device. Thus, there are three modes: drain the battery and speed. In this case, the top of the graph demonstrates the kind of productivity gains in the event of activation of a mode. For each of them, we will talk in detail when testing.

281x450 15 KB Big one:. 800x1280 51 KB

There are also extreme optimization modes for which will have to pay from 59.99 to 119.00 rubles. By the way, you do not have to buy the whole package options – can be individually and collectively, for example, to buy “Acceleration” and not to touch the “+ Battery” and “Stability”.

281x450 24 KB Big one:. 800x1280 62 KB  281x450 20 KB Big one:. 800x1280 68 KB

The other options you will not find here, but you can read a fairly detailed help for Dummies. For example, to learn about the RAM VM head or governor. By the way, the meaning of these concepts I also covered in detail in previous articles devoted to fine-tuning the Android, so I will not repeat.

281x450 39 KB Big one:. 800x1280 183 KB  281x450 17 KB Big one:. 800x1280 62 KB

What is the first impression? Before us tweaker for everyone chooses the optimal Governor and the amount of memory allocated to “major” applications, which means that the actual efficiency will only direct testing by measuring the load on the processor, RAM and battery. That is what we will now do.


To use the Root Booster require superuser. In this case the program itself at rest ( “Stock” mode) eat 37 MB of RAM with zero CPU load. Imperceptibly it in ROM – 4.65 MB, and does not require special permissions. As for compatibility, welcome all with Android 3.0 or higher.

281x450 21 KB Big one:. 800x1280 78 KB  281x450 56 KB Big one:. 800x1280 188 KB

Now try to switch modes and see what changed.

281x450 21 KB Big one:. 800x1280 78 KB


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