Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kantar data suggest that Android’s share continues to grow in all markets, but iOS losing ground even in the US –

Source Kantar allows us to estimate the spread of the OS on the world’s largest markets. Analysts also track data changes in this area.


A new piece of Kantar information concerns the period of three months, which ended in early February. According to these data, iOS share in most markets declined slightly compared to the same period last year.


For example, in the US share of the OS account for approximately 38.3% of the market against 38.8% a year earlier. For China, these figures are respectively 22.2% versus 25.4%, and for the five largest countries in Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain; EU5) – 19,1% against 20,9%. In Japan and Australia, more changes are minor, but in favor of Apple.


Android, by contrast, continues to increase its share. For the year in the US, China and EU5 countries, the share of this operating system have increased by 3,3%, 3,4% and 6,7%.


You can also note the Windows Phone / Windows Mobile position. The most powerful operating system that has been in Europe. But here, for the year its share fell from 10.1% to 5.9%. In the United States and China, currently Windows occupies 2.6% of the market and 0.9% of the market, respectively. By the way, in Australia it is set to 5.8% of mobile devices

Source:. Kantar


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