Monday, December 14, 2015

“Yandex” has released an application on the desktop organization on Android –

«Yandex” Yandex Launcher released an application for smartphones on Android. It adds a new interface tools to organize your desktop on the screen of the device according to the user’s preferences (such programs are called launcher). This is stated in the company, Received “Heathcliff!».

Yandex Launcher collects on one screen sites and applications that the user opens every day, people contacts, which he often calls. For convenience, selection of the most used programs offer one finger on the display of your smartphone. You can also search across all the files on the gadget and within applications (eg, phone book).

The application is able to sort all the downloaded program categories and their icons – by color. For example, all video games can be collected in a folder and put it on the home screen. When you load the next game, it will be added to the appropriate category automatically.

In addition, the function of advice Yandex Launcher allows you to find interesting articles on the Internet and new applications, which will be offered in the interests of a particular user.

The company noted that the application is run in test mode. You can download it at the online store of Google for devices based on Android 4.1 and above. Yandex Launcher previously been available only in Latin America.


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