Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Experts have warned about the theft of banking data users WhatsApp on Android – Mail.Ru

Malware has infected Android-smartphone for several months, assured the representatives of the ABS.

In the past criminals have focused their attacks on computer users. But now they have appealed to owners of Android-smartphone … because banks offer more programs [on mobile gadgets] for the convenience of its customers

Ong-Ang Ai Boon (Ong-Ang Ai Boon) head of the ABS

Virus prompts the user to enter confidential information such as credit card information, and then intercepts control over smartphone and catches a one-time password received in the form of SMS, for “committing fraud.”

The experts did not specify how a smartphone victims get fake updates, and spread no amount of damage.

The cases of theft of money through electronic gadgets

This is not the first case when hackers try to steal money through technological gadgets – before it became known that the clients “Savings” stole more than 2 billion rubles, and in April 2015, experts have uncovered a large-scale attack, which affected more than 340 million smartphones in Russia. Recently, the police and the Federal Security Service uncovered the gang, which has infected thousands of Android-smartphone to steal the money.


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