Thursday, December 10, 2015

Virtual Assistant Cortana released for Android and iOS – BBC News

developed by Microsoft virtual assistant Cortana is now available to owners of smart phones on the Android and iOS in the US. Recall public beta version for Android is now available in July, and closed beta for iOS out after a few months.

Looks Cortana for Android and iOS roughly the same as for Windows 10 Mobile. At the bottom of the screen is a search box in the upper left corner – the menu button, and the main part of the screen occupied by information cards. The cards can be displayed as upcoming appointments, information about delivered parcels, weather, sports score in matches, and so on. To work Cortana account is required Microsoft, through which all the settings and preferences will be synced between all devices on which you have activated virtual assistant.

Compared to version 10 for Windows Mobile, iOS and at the Android-version of Cortana there are some limitations. For example, none of the competing platforms Cortana does not support running third-party applications or changing settings. iOS-version does not support voice activation, and on Android phrase “Hey, Cortana” works only on the home screen of the device. But if at the same time set Cortana on your smartphone and a computer running Windows 10, the computer will see a notification, such as missed calls, while SMS back the caller can be sent directly from the computer.

For the Android-smartphone, operating on an alternative firmware Cyanogen, soon to be released a special version of Cortana with more features than a normal Android. For example, the application can cause the phrase “Hey, Cortana” not only from the home screen, but also from any application. In addition, using the voice assistant can change some settings, for example, include the phone silent mode on or off Wi-Fi.

Recall that Microsoft is one of the investors of the developer Cyanogen.

Source: Ars Technica


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