Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Android Pay becomes international in 2016, starting in Australia – http://json.tv/ (press release) (Register)

Mobile Payment System Android Pay by Google allows you to use your phone as a credit card. Simply touch smartphone reader and thousands of stores at your disposal thanks to the chip NFC. The handset will automatically use any available payment methods, writing off your credit card, bank account or other means of payment, on the basis of personal agreement with the bank.

While the Android Pay is currently available only in the United States, Google plans to start deploying services on an international level next year. The first in 2016 it will receive Australia in the first half of the year. Then, the search giant will provide service in other regions, while not specified in any.

Android Pay will also receive new features in the near future: Google says Now you can use it to pay for the content of applications that allows the use of related bills to pay for goods without entering a credit card number or debit card.

Google is also collaborating with some companies that offer discounts when using Android Pay in some applications such as OpenTable, Lyft and DoorDash.

Meanwhile, the number of financial institutions that support Android Pay, continues to grow. Among the latest updates – TD Bank .

On the other hand, some companies continue to co-operate only with competing mobile payment solutions in the face of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, at Samsung is trying to work more and more, offering users both at the same payment system. Similarly, so does Google .

Author: Stepan Mazur

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