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Choosing a video editor for android-devices: PowerDirector Video Editor App, WeVideo and creative studio YouTube –

Score in Google Play (free / paid version)

Application Compatibility with other versions of OS Android
4.3 or higher

27 MB

Application Version

Shopping in the annex
337.17 rubles

Main functions:

  • Video editor with professional interface;

  • Many audio and video effects;

  • Record voice;

  • Ability to trim videos;

  • Variable speed video;

  • Work from YouTube, Facebook and others;

  • Export to 720p and 1080p.


Purchases through application identification data:

  • Search accounts on the device;

  • Add / Remove accounts.


  • Search accounts on the device.

Photo / multimedia / files:

  • View your data on USB-drive;

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive.


  • View your data on USB-drive;

  • Change / delete data on the USB-drive.


The data on Wi-Fi-connected:

  • View Connection Wi-Fi.


  • Get the data from the Internet;

  • Unlimited Internet access;

  • View network connections;

  • Prevent switching device to sleep mode;

  • The use accounts on the device.

The first impression

Tapnuli on the icon on the desktop, and here it is – PowerDirector. But somehow it is only in landscape view, indirectly alluding to the use of the program with the camera device.

450x281 42 KB. Big one: 1280x800 120 KB

Yes, it is, because I immediately offered create a project, a pre-inventing his name. Only then open the main application screen. The design of the program recognizable of all, there are three tabs: video editing, working with images and music.

450x281 17 KB. Big one: 1280x800 50 KB
 450x281 39 KB. Big one: 1280x800 131 KB
 450x281 23 KB. Big one: 1280x800 71 KB
 450x281 33 KB. Big one: 1280x800 97 KB

It should be noted that the application immediately found the media, which was on the device, and laid it on the shelves, so the search for files, no problem.

Thus if to brush away the screen to the right to open a convenient tool tips to action buttons. It is a pity that all this is in English only, but everything is clear and without translation.

450x281 67 KB. Big one: 1280x800 259 KB
 450x281 25 KB. Big one: 1280x800 90 KB

In the left corner there is a panel overlays and filters. In the right – the abolition of the tool change, full screen mode and playback. Yes, here it does not start automatically each time you open the roller as it was at the applications described in the previous article. In my opinion, so much more convenient. Not without the storyboard at the bottom.

450x281 182 KB. Big one: 1280x800 578 KB

a button for quick save and a button that sends the project social networks and YouTube. As for the settings, they are hiding in the upper right corner under “cog”.

450x281 89 KB. Big one: 1280x800 222 KB
 450x281 77 KB. Big one: 1280x800 289 KB
 450x281 67 KB. Big one: 1280x800 259 KB

You can also upgrade to the full version for 337.17 rubles, which at least removes PowerDirector logo with edited clips, and provides access to work with high-resolution video.

Do not forget about the version for the PC, which syncs with a mobile analogue through a personal account. But the settings themselves confined to an increase in the volume of the background music for your creations.

Yes, especially not run away, even though it compensates toolbar that for video, audio and images own. One sorry, you can not compress the video, and select codecs.

450x281 163 KB. Big one: 1280x800 651 KB
 450x281 46 KB. Big one: 1280x800 179 KB
 450x281 38 KB. Big one: 1280x800 133 KB

What is the first impression? PowerDirector – it PowerDirector, but very clipped, but with all basic functions are sufficient for posting video on the Web. Now check the program in operation, and at the same time look at her appetites.


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