Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Google has updated the Android OS to version 6.0.1 – news project INFOX.ru

Google Android OS updated to version 6.0.1

text: Georgi Orlov /Infox.ru

published on December 8 ’15 18:07

Source: AP


The mobile operating system Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow, presented in mid-autumn of this year, today received its first update. The latest version of the popular platform is called Android 6.0.1, and update it to bring a number of useful functions in the firmware.

The first device had the opportunity to upgrade to Android 6.0.1,
 They were representatives of the series Nexus - branded smartphones and tablets Google, for
 among which a few weeks ago we Add model Nexus 6P from Huawei and
 Nexus 5X on by LG, writes portal Liliputing. The release of the firmware for gadgets
 other manufacturers will depend on their developers. Traditionally,
 Samsung and LG will release first adapt the software to fit their high-end devices, and
 then catch up, and smaller vendors.

The main innovation was the Android 6.0.1 system improved
 security - patched many holes through which hackers can control
 mobile devices. In addition, the improved overall performance
 operating system, and the level of energy consumption, on the contrary, decreased. And
 the same security update can not be called a global - much more
 The patch will be in the upcoming Android 6.1.

The Android 6.0.1, new emoticons, Emoji, which, according to
 Internet giant, will more accurately convey emotions in a virtual
 communication. List of new emoticons published in the official blog of the developers.
 In addition, the firmware has been integrated into new / old regime for notification -
 "Do not disturb". He was part of the Android 5.x, but the original six
 version of it for some reason was not. In response to the puzzled
 Letters Google users decided to return as claimed


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