Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Emoji for Android – (press release) (Register)


If you have not enough smiles to reply to more emotional, that is good news. Chapter Android Hiroshi Lokheymer (Hiroshi Lockheimer) said the new Emoji already on the upgrade path.

First of all, the new expressions of smileys and other emotional pictures get the device from the line Nexus next week. Devices from the Google is traditionally the first to receive all the advanced version of the android update clean.

Taco, unicorn and lion – these funny faces will be updated first. All of them are part of the standard Unicode 8.0. Change requires a “new keyboard, the new font, new code,” so that the process of renovation is complete Update Emoji, which also begins to happen next week as part of a gradual transition to Android 6.0 for many devices.

That who do not have a smartphone in a line of Nexus, the new updates will have to wait too long. By the end of the month, many manufacturers will launch the update for their gadgets, including Motorola, LG, Samsung . A Apple has already updated the Unicode with the new firmware iOS 9.1 OS X El Capitan, so that all the devices of the “Apple ecosystem” has exchanged the new Emoji after automatic updates.

Author: Stepan Mazur

The original photo: engadget


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