Thursday, December 3, 2015

Former Microsoft Chairman spoke about the need to be friends with Android –

The former head of Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) said that the compatibility with applications for Android – the success of mobile devices running on Windows 10, reports The Verge.

So Ballmer responded to the performance of the current chapter Satya Nadella company at the annual meeting of shareholders held on December 2. At the meeting Nadella indicated that mobile devices on Windows 10 does not support the popular applications available in versions for other platforms, and asked how Microsoft is planning to act in this situation. Director General responded by saying that the current strategy – to make a universal app for all platforms of the company.

According to Ballmer, this approach would not be useful portable gadgets from Microsoft. In his view, the recipe for success – to make on devices running Windows 10 was able to run applications for Android.

In response, Microsoft said they regularly communicate with Ballmer and listen to his opinion, as in the case After a review of other shareholders.

Ballmer left the post of head of Microsoft in August 2014. He left the package at a securities company and is its largest individual shareholder.


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