Monday, December 7, 2015

Samsung has updated last year’s smart phone to Android 6.0 before the current champions – (Registration) (Blog)

Galaxy Note 4 became the first smartphone Samsung, which has received an upgrade to Android 6.0, despite the traditional practice of updating especially the most modern gadgets.

One of the Hungarian users Galaxy Note 4 has a new Android and makes screenshots. The publication tested the OS information on assembly, confirming that the software version (N910FXXU1DOL3) Marshmallow corresponds to Note 4, but suggested that the South Korean company has released an update for the error. Experts have not specified release dates Android 6.0 for other regions.

The new version of Android has brought a number of functions, including the feature of Galaxy Note 5 to create handwritten notes on the screen is locked when you remove the stylus from the slot in the housing and a new display of Air Command . Performance gadget has grown, but the menu ambiguity still podlagivaet, told the owner of the Note 4.

Screenshot of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

New Features Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow received many improvements, among which the most interesting for the consumers believe Now on Tap (contextual search within applications), smart mode power consumption Doze and prohibition of access to the Internet and work in the background for a long time not used applications App Standby. Google added the ability to format the memory card under the system volume.

Google Now on Tap.

The search giant paid attention to security in Android 6.0: Now the application asks for permission to use those or other units of the gadget (camera, microphone) or segments of data (contacts, photos) only at the moment when they need them. Marshmallow was supported by a fingerprint scanner at the OS level – common API will use all the manufacturers that will allow developers to a third party to reach a larger audience than the introduction of support for the system of each producer.

Learn more about the innovations can be found here and here.

Flagships Samsung:


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