Saturday, December 26, 2015

Xiaomi will release an update to the Android 6.0 OS smartphone even Mi3 –

One of the main features of Android, which is criticized by supporters of smartphones Apple – problems with updates. Indeed, if we compare the rate of appearance of new versions of the operating system and the duration of support, the result will be in favor kupertintsev. However, often it is forgotten the fact that Apple only one or two products per year. In the case of the issue with Android updates – a problem of each producer individually.


Not every company supports their smartphones at least a year. And when talking about flagship. According to the latest rumor, Xiaomi could set an example to competitors in this regard. The source claims that soon the OS Android 6.0, of course, with a proprietary shell MIUI, get smart Mi4, Mi Note, and even Mi3, which was announced in April of 2013. That is, for the moment when he gets Android Marshmallow, it will be almost three years-old.


It is reported that the latest firmware passes the testing phase, so wait for the owners of the above mentioned devices have little time.


Source: weibo


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