Sunday, December 13, 2015

Android Wear returns battery statistics – (press release) (Register)

Application Android Wear again shows detailed statistics for smart battery hours. This is a feature that has disappeared since the last update, but Google found it necessary to make another run at this part in the latest version.

Google , probably, function gave an opportunity to “lie down” to understand users need it or not. Many suddenly found that to understand when it is necessary to charge the watch – is very important. And inundated with requests to return the company familiar notation.

So, if you want to return the index of the charging time, it is necessary to do so: go to Settings & gt; Watch Name & gt; Watch battery – look for updates. Or you can download directly here – on the Google Play Store or here – to APK Mirror. Still, the charge indicator of the battery back in place.

Android Wear is designed as a specialized software for handheld devices based on the Android . At the moment, the company felt that the biggest obstacle for people who want to move to smart watches – is the need for their constant charging (smart watches work on average per day), and remove the lamp charge-discharge device was at least unwise, it just scared potential buyers who already do not understand when to charge the gadget.

Author: Stepan Mazur

The original photo: pcworld


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