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Browse android-smartphone Fly FS504 Cirrus 2: budget-five … with a plus? – Overclockers.ru

Type устройства

Fly FS504 Cirrus 2
Fly FS502 Cirrus 1

MediaTek MT6580,
4 x 1.3 GHz
Spreadtrum SC7731,
4 x 1.2 GHz

The video
Mali-400 MP2
Mali-400 MP2

Operating System
Android 5.1
Android 5.1

Memory GB
1 RAM; 8 ROM
1 RAM; 8 ROM

5.0 “IPS, to 1280 x 720
5.0 “IPS, 1,280 x 720

cameras, megapixel
8.0 + 2.0
8.0 + 2.0


The number of SIM-cards, pieces.

Support MicroSD

Wi-Fi; Bluetooth
Wi-Fi; Bluetooth


Battery mAh

Dimensions in mm
140.6 x 70.6 x 8.1
142.0 x 72.0 x 8.8

Weight, g

Price, rub.
~ 7000
~ 6500

As you can see, performance is not dazzling. Just an ordinary low-cost smart phone without any evolved features. Perhaps, but one – OS. If the predecessor was one of the first low-cost devices to Android 5.1, the hero of the review, along with a decrease in size and change SoC received and update the OS.

Packaging equipment Fly FS504 Cirrus 2

Differences package from that of Fly FS502 Cirrus 1 minimum. You could even say that they are only in the name of the device. The rest is the same rectangular box of small size with a central extension piece.

450x448 14 KB. Big one: 1004x1000 192 KB

packaging materials have traditionally served as a board. As with its predecessor, it too thin. As a result, the overall design has turned flimsy, which is why it is questionable whether such a box to protect the contents during transportation?

The front side is decorated neutrally. Here, only the manufacturer’s logo, and the machine strip with photos of cloudy sky. The fact that the name of the smartphone «Cirrus» translated as “cirrus clouds”. They somehow just shown.

The reverse side is full of text, though informative call it impossible.

450x446 21 KB. Big one: 1008x1000 293 KB

But there is the factory seal, which will not allow imperceptibly open packaging. So, just to be clear, if you try to sell used equipment.

Within the first we were met by the unit itself. He is laid in a special frame, molded to the contours of the body. The display is pasted conveying protective film.

450x417 17 KB. Big one: 1080x1000 341 KB

Below is the complete set of delivery.

450x409 19 KB. Big one: 1100x1000 304 KB

It includes:

450x226 12 KB. Big one: 1500x752 455 KB

We give it as a list:

  • The power adapter;

  • cable USB-microUSB;

  • Wired headset;

  • Technical Documentation.

Unfortunately, our hero went to the packaging from its predecessor is actually unchanged. To design and functionality questions asked. But paperboard raises serious questions and casts doubt on the safety of the contents – it is not too nice.

85x174 5 KB. Big one: 736x1500 612 KB  200x174 4 KB. Big one: 1148x1000 472 KB 85x174 6 KB. Big one: 734x1500 958 KB

Now it’s time to look at the smartphone itself.


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