Friday, December 11, 2015

Google may add multiple windows next Android – Mail.Ru

The search giant has released a tablet Pixel C with Android 6.0, which is designed to replace a laptop for the trivial use, but the lack of during multi caused inconvenience to the first users of the gadget, which asked the staff when this feature will appear in the “Green Robot».

«We are working on a number of improvements for Android in the form factor [tablet with a keyboard]. There are a lot of things, such as MW, we’re working a lot of time – we hope we can talk more about this in the near future », – wrote Head of Android and Chrome UX Glen Murphy (Glen Murphy) .

The head of the direction of the user equipment by Andrew Bowers (Andrew Bowers) said that Android N introduce many features that the development team “wanted to see yesterday,” but did not specify what It appears in the OS, “not to spoil the surprise.” The publication suggested that a replica of the two leaders are linked, and because multiple windows can be expected in the next Major Upgrade Android.


Apple has added support function Split Screen 9 in iOS for the iPad, which allows you to run two applications simultaneously on the screen and Windows 8 similar functionality is present since the release of the OS. Samsung is in their tablets and flagship for Android offers the split screen function, a similar approach to the issue, and other manufacturers.

Pure Android 6.0 includes an experimental feature multi-window, which can be activated when you change the system files, but for the masses it is still unavailable due to unstable work.


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