Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Yandex" luring iPhone and Android in the cloud free 32 GB - CNews.ru

Updated June 10, 2013 Mobile Apps “Yandex.Disk” for iOS and Android support automatic downloading photos and videos to the cloud «Yandex».

Consent users to upload their photos in the cloud search engine encourages the release of 32 GB of additional space in the repository.


April 2013 to synchronize with the “Yandex.Disk” existed only in the photo and video albums created on the user’s PC, with additional space in the cloud generated by this option also is 32 GB.

general rule allocating more space to “Yandex.Disk” how to sync photos from a mobile device and the PC, it is a “burning” in six months. However, a spokesman for the search engine Tatyana Komarova says that weaning “by Yandex” concessional allocated 32 GB of six months will not delete uploaded to the cloud photos and videos.

It should be noted that the allocation of the vast space in the cloud – the second in the last week of action “Yandex”, aimed at bringing their services to the owners of mobile devices.

So at the end of May 2013 the search engine announced the appearance of new free features for mobile users of the service “Yandeks.Muzyka.” For the first time since the launch of the service became available to its users without paying subscription option to listen to your music collection that is loaded to the “Yandex.Disk” and “Radio” (listen to track lists, based on the tastes of the user and his friends). Until now, this feature was only available to paid subscribers “Yandeks.Muzyka».

for the right to remain in the” Yandex.Disk “custom photo and video search engine identifies users of the iPhone and Android free for six months 32 GB

According to the search engine, “Yandex.Disk” now serves about 10 million people and is the only component of the service, disclosed “by Yandex».

Despite the expansion of functionality “Yandex.Disk” for more than a year, is the only popular cloud storage, which does not require the purchase of additional user-space.

Tatyana Komarova said that “Yandex.Disk” does not directly monetized, however, like many other services, “Yandex”, indirectly contributes to the monetization of search and other services through advertising.

However, discussing with CNews allocation of 32 GB in the cloud to download photos from a mobile phone, it is not excluded that in six months the user will be other ways of expanding space “Yandex.Disk».

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