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Sundar Pichai of Google is not concerned about the dominance of Samsung in the ecosystem of Android - 3DNews

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Despite the explosive growth of the mobile operating system Android, perhaps Google has a problem. Among the many manufacturers of tablets and smartphones based on Android, it seems, only dominant in the market today Samsung manages to make a substantial profit. That is for Google there is a potential threat to scare off other hardware partners, not to mention the opportunity to seriously modify the Samsung Android-platform.

During the conference, Sundar Pichai D11 (Sundar Pichai), who heads the development of platforms Android and Chrome at Google, was asked about this issue. However, the manager does not express any concerns about the dominance of Samsung. He noted that Google is working closely with Samsung and all the successes of the Korean company – a boon for Android.

This symbiosis may go on for many years, as a collaboration of Microsoft and Intel, – the more so because today the vast majority of Samsung smartphones and tablets running on Android. At the same time, Mr. Pichai said once again that the power of Google is in the services delivered under Android, and the other manufacturers (eg China and India) is not so unwell in the mobile market and rapidly increasing their share.

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