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As no hands. Control the Android-based smartphone from your computer - BBC News

often happens when you want to read or to rush an important SMS, and Android-smartphone you left in the car, or it lies somewhere far away in a bag, and take it not be desirable. It also happens that it took to transfer files to the device, and the USB-cable, you do not have to yourself. Will come to the rescue of the application, which will open the gadget remote access to the computer.


New to Google Play, not long ago came out of beta. With it, you can do almost anything: a remote call any number, see contacts, write “text messages” to download / upload files and even remotely install APK-package. AirDroid something like iCloud: it also has a “sniffer” such as Find My Phone, which will indicate a point on the map where to find the lost phone (and if necessary, will erase all data from it).

AirDroid can and do complex things. For example, it can get accurate GPS-coordinates of its location and monitor the back of the camera without opening fotoprilozheniya (to a man who found the gadget did not notice shadowing). Another possibility – access to files and folders on the SD-card, which allows you to turn the Android-based smartphone to remote storage.

master AirDroid easy. To start the program you need to download from Google Play, open on your phone and make an account (You can sign in through accounts in Google, Facebook and Twitter), and then go to any computer / tablet at and enter the same login details.

AirDroid able to “tie up” the computer and the smartphone, they should be in the same network. By default, the 2G/3G. To save bandwidth, there is an option to connect using Wi-Fi. When the connection is established, the browser will display a full desktop of your Android.

left are application icons – photos, call log, search the phone, SMS, files, music, screenshots, camera, ring tones and more. You can create a shortcut to a folder or contact. Tools (Toolbox) are located on the right – you can download the file, enter the URL-address, open the clipboard and install third-party applications by dragging APK-installer. Just above the widget is displayed with detailed information about the device (the amount of available memory as it is stored SMS, music, pictures, etc.).

There have AirDroid and limitations. First, to access some features need to have root access. Without them, for example, you will not be able to remotely take screenshots. Second, some features of the program (camera, phone calls via the web interface, the transfer of “heavy” files up to 100MB, no ads) are open only in the premium version. Fortunately, the developers offer free subscription for a period of two months, provided that the write a review on Twitter or Facebook.

As already mentioned, to create a connection to your PC and Android on the same network, so let AirDroid all traffic through its own servers (for security can be configured HTTPS-connection). In this regard, the amount of data that can be transmitted between devices limited to a gigabyte. To increase the quota by 1 GB, will have to pay $ 2.

Web interface AirDroid:

It requires Android: from 2.1;
Developer: Sand Studio;
Rating Google Play: 4,7 (122,693).

WiFi File Transfer

This utility is designed for synchronization of Android-smartphone with your PC wirelessly. In some cases, it may be regarded as a more convenient replacement Kies Air (for devices Samsung) or Dropbox, if you need to pass the “heavy” documents, movies or music.

In fact the program is a file manager with many features. When a smart phone and PC are on the same network Wi-Fi (in public areas can password-protect the compound), it provides a link to access the Android web browser.

However, a free version of the utility weighty imposed restriction that makes it almost useless – you can not transfer files that are larger than 5 MB. But the premium version of WiFi File Transfer without restriction applies not so expensive – for 36 rubles.

Web-based WiFi File Transfer:

It requires Android: from 2.1;
Developer: smarterDroid;
Rating Google Play: 4,5 (7699).


Another one of the few applications that provides access to Android from your PC. Put a program, go to the “computer” on browser and type the code issued. The utility is able to connect only on Wi-Fi, so that both devices must be in the same network. At this whole setup is finished.

On a set of functions SnapPea far behind AirDroid: you can only read and send SMS move / delete photos, watch or edit contacts, set or remove applications APK-files. Access to the camera, make calls, and files to the web version SnapPea no.

distinguishes it from its competitors speed (though occasionally the connection is dropped off and the window to re-enter the code synchronization) and the presence of a “desktop” client of Windows. Opportunities in the wider it: You can transfer files, music library, import iTunes, manage your contacts and backup Android.

Web interface SnapPea:

It requires Android: depends on the device;
Developer: Wandou Labs;
Rating Google Play: 4,2 (558).

In addition, some opportunities for remote access to the smartphone offers Norton Mobile Security , which we discussed in our review of vendors. For example, it has the same function as that of AirDroid, which allows you to see through the browser where to find the lost device, and run it on the siren. About the file manager ES File Explorer We also spoke. Some of its functions (connection to FTP-servers, local area networks and many popular “cloud”) also will see the contents of Android-smartphone from your computer.

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