Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Operating system iOS 7 was very similar to the Android and Windows Phone (Video) - Latest news in the world

iOS 7

iOS 7

At the WWDC 2013, which showed a new version of the operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the audience was surprised considerable similarity of the 7th version of iOS to other mobile operating systems.

New “epplovskaya” Operating System is very similar to the operating system Android. Therefore, some experts call a hybrid of the two 7 iOS platforms (Android and Windows Phone 8 – Ed.).

similarity iOS 7 with Android . OSes such as Google’s new iOS makes a very similar “Multitasking”, “Control Center” and the screen lock.

iOS 7 vs. Android

iOS 7 vs. Android. Control Center

Even with the naked eye can see, as far as both interfaces are similar. But what is interesting is that this update iOS – the most massive and the most radical of all time iPhone.

similarity iOS with Windows Phone 7 August . The network has a video that demonstrates to all related elements of both platforms. On some slides, it is difficult to understand which is which platform.

Maybe if images were not signed, it would be difficult to say which operating system interface is shown.

And new design of the operating system from Apple hit the change in the form of icons – they are now flat and slim. Which again proves the similarity to the Windows Phone.

Recall the previous day at the WWDC 2013 was presented the new operating system iOS 7 . Now it is only available for developers, and in the fall will be available to all.

Despite the fact that Apple has banned telling details of the new OSes and show it in the previously mentioned period, the operational developers still posted on the Internet a lot of video overview iOS 7.

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