Friday, June 14, 2013

Europe is investigating "unfair promotion» Android -

European Commission launched a study of the behavior of Google’s mobile operating system market, which was a response to a complaint by the organization Fairsearch Europe, which includes Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle, which reports Financial Times.

regulators intend to find out whether Google is using illegal methods to promote the platform Android. In particular, the company licenses the platform “below cost” and prohibits manufacturers to produce or to delay the release of smart phones with competing platforms and services.

In addition, it is reported that the European Commission has sent to device manufacturers and operators of 23-page questionnaire about their agreements with Google. With the help of regulators intend to find out whether Google leads them to any action.

According to sources, the investigation is informal. Earlier, the head of the European Commission for Competition Joaquin Almunia (Joaquin Almunia) reported that they are interested in the behavior of Google in the mobile platforms.

Recall complaint by Fairsearch Europe for a corporation Google, related to its dominant position in the mobile OS market, was admitted into the European body in April 2013 Included in the organization of the company said that Android, which occupies the lion’s share of the market, helping Google to sell its services, such as YouTube, which play a significant role in shaping the revenue from advertising.

Commission will check Google for the promotion of fair Android

According to IDC, in I quarter of 2013 was delivered 162.1 million smartphones on Android, allowing the platform to take a 75% global market share. A year earlier, 59.1% belonged to the platform. In second place is significantly behind Apple iOS – it owns 17,3%.

proponents consider unfair trial that Google’s services are present on 75% supplied to the global smart phone market. At Google, the charges do not agree. «Android is an open platform that encourages competition. Smartphone makers, operators and consumers are free to decide how to use Android, and can choose the applications they need, “- said the company.

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