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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: Switching from Android to Windows - News

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: Switching from Android to Windows Photo: lenovo.com

Lenovo has entered the tablet market and one of the last traditional for their products presented just two lines – amateur and professional IdeaPad ThinkPad. Last focused on the corporate segment and included a device with more typical Lenovo angular design that supports handwriting input with the stylus, and required significantly greater financial resources than amateur model IdeaPad.

The first version of the tablet for professionals, ThinkPad Tablet, went on sale in early 2012, and for all its virtues as a powerful stuffing and full USB-connector had a number of significant shortcomings – especially impressive thickness of the shell and considerable weight.

second attempt to create a “tablet” for professionals has undergone significant changes – both cosmetic and functional. The tablet is lighter and thinner (590 g and 9.8 mm vs. 740 g and 14 mm for the previous model) and got rid of the hardware buttons due to the change of hardware and software platforms.

If we talk about internal changes, the ThinkPad Tablet 2 was replaced ARM-based processor on the chip, using “adult” architecture x86. The heart of the second generation has a dual-core processor Intel Atom Z2760 1,8 GHz. Such developers have taken a bold step in connection with the change of the operating system Android on Windows 8. The move was not surprising – business Luda performed more work tasks in a familiar operating system, and not to adjust to the relative new mobile OS.


In addition to its powerful processor Tablet 2 is equipped with 2 GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB of user memory and integrated graphics Intel HD SGX545 GFx – a typical configuration for this device class disappearing as netbooks, only adjusted for relevant components. Tablet Performance evaluated in the operating system corresponds to 3.2 points and an average level. Business gadget copes with office chores and ready to help when the hour of fun, but it is inferior in speed plates on processors Intel Core i.

connection to peripheral devices can be performed both by “air” with the help of Bluetooth 4.0, and by means of USB-ports, located on the left side of the case, and the access to the wireless The Internet provides Wi-Fi modules and 3G.

ThinkPad Tablet 2, like its predecessor, comes with a stylus that allows not only to control the tablet with great comfort, but also to input text notes by hand.

Diagonal screen that uses IPS-matrix is ??10.1 inches with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Against the background of most of today’s tablets with screens Full HD display of this model looks a bit archaic – and the only thing for which he should be commended for is the wide viewing angles and high brightness range.

fully charged lithium-ion battery will last an average of 5 hours of battery life. Indicators are not the most prominent, but in the end is quite good.

cost ThinkPad Tablet 2 in the Russian market is 30 thousand rubles (model with 64 GB of user memory). Against the background of most competitors price looks a bit overpriced even with the corporate orientation “pills”. Interestingly, for an amount less than one third the cost of the model ThinkPad Tablet 2, you can buy less “business” tablet IdeaTab Lynx of the same company, but built on a similar hardware platform and offers similar functionality. The difference between the two models is available in Tablet 2 8 megapixel camera, module, 3G, ability to work with a stylus and a “docking” with a docking station (by the way, none of the accessories – the “dock”, the keyboard – in Russia is not for sale).


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