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Check the legality of vodka Android - RBC Daily

Speaking at the Public Council under the Rosalkogolregulirovaniya (PAP), the head of the Union of Alcohol Producers (SNAP) Dmitry Dobroff put it on the podium, which usually does a glass of water, a bottle of cognac. And it’s not that he drinks only liquids that contain alcohol: Mr. Dobroff wanted to show how to use the smart phone in the store to distinguish legitimate bottle of liquor from the “leftist».

In the early 1990s, when the Russian market was flooded with a sea of ??various alcohol often of dubious origin, any adult male folk know how to determine a fake. Before buying every bottle of vodka shaken, looked evenness sticking labels, etc. Now replace the proven “analog” technologies innovative digital test will come.

According to Mr. Dobroff as long as there is the idea of ??creating such an application put forward by major beverage companies – members of SNAP. However, he assured that he will soon begin development of software platforms for iOS and Android. “I think that by November we will be able to present the developed program”, – assured the audience, Mr. Dobroff, who noted that the application is free and available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

new service is created not just for fun: even the most optimistic officials tend to downplay the scale of the problems, recognize that the share of illegal vodka in a quite legitimate retail is 25-30%. Of course, this does not mean that one-third of alcohol sold in stores is questionable liquid on alcohol, bottled in cellars. Among the significant amount of illegal products is quite decent in terms of quality vodka factory, released using gray schemes without payment of excise duty in the budget. However, there are also dangerous to the health of counterfeits of popular brands – both domestic and imported.


Rosalkogole recognize that completely squeeze out illegal alcohol from retailers – a problem whose solution will take time. According to plans of departments, the connection to the system throughout the retail EGAIS that in place to determine the origin and legality of each passing through the cashier bottles only scheduled for the second quarter of 2016. In the meantime, citizens will be empowered to examine the history of alcoholic beverages using smartphone applications directly off the shelves in the store with alcohol.

«The idea of ??checking the authenticity of alcoholic products is not new – recognizes Mr. goodness. – Ten years ago, some companies began to emulate these services – for example, by sending a secure code from the bottle by SMS. Implementation alkoskanera will ensure harmonization, which will verify all legal products. This may be done through the QR-code-reading on the revenue stamp, so as soon as excise stamp is on the whole legal products without fail ».

main obstacle that exists in the way of implementing alkoinnovatsii – inability to obtain information from EGAIS a wide range of individuals. Under current law, access to information from EGAIS have only a legal entity – the owners of alcohol licenses and authorized bodies of state power. Making changes is the responsibility of the government, but support from the regulator will help speed up the solution of this problem.

Representatives of mobile applications market welcomed the interest of government agencies to modern technology, but are skeptical that such an application would demand a large number of users. “The development of mobile applications for solving such a problem – a useful idea, especially as smartphone users – enough to secure a class of citizens who are interested in the quality of products purchased – told RBC daily, the head of marketing i-Free Innovations Catherine Dementey. – However, the actual amount of use of this application, we assess as quite low, as the most important – is not the creation of the product and its market promotion and dissemination of the information about it to consumers. In today’s oversaturated market for mobile applications, do it very, very difficult, especially state agencies, which are unlikely to have much experience in dealing with such problems ».

not too optimistic about it, and the chairman of the Union of Russian consumers Shelisch Peter. “I’ll be honest, I doubt that this application will be demanded by consumers without any major advertising campaign – told RBC daily, Mr. Shelisch. – In addition, such a service is unlikely to be interested in someone who buys every day his cherished bottle. At the same time, those customers who infrequently buy alcoholic beverages, do so in the usual places for themselves, believing that if they were not cheated, hence, do not be deceived continue ».


SNAP claim that after the development of mobile applications Union will maintain it on the market. “We understand that just to make the program a little, it is necessary that the consumer has been informed of this”, – assured RBC daily Dmitry Dobroff.

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