Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BlackBerry has launched a service data protection for iPhone and Android - CNews.ru

Canada’s BlackBerry (previous name – RIM) today announced the launch of a new platform features BlackBerry Enterprise Service, called Secure Work Space, reports Reuters.

presented in March 2013 Secure Work Space function allows you to safely distinguish between work and personal data on mobile devices running Android and iOS. The solution can be used in the public administration and enterprises, even if the state does not use smartphones and tablets BlackBerry.

Secure Work Space is an analog technology BlackBerry Balance, designed to their own devices BlackBerry.

With reliable data sharing Secure Work Space and BlackBerry Balance allow you to use the same devices in the workplace and personal use. Therefore, these features will be useful to companies and organizations planning to implement or already use the model of “bring your own device» (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD).

Secure Work Space solution complements BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, designed to manage security on devices based on Android and iOS. It was released in November 2011

Thorsten Heins continues to make BlackBerry more open

According to observers, BlackBerry hopes that the launch of Secure Work Space will help the company increase sales of enterprise software with support for competing mobile operating systems, which are more popular than his own.

Meanwhile, support for competing products in a corporate environment – this is only one BlackBerry reclaimed areas in recent times. In May, it was reported that the owners of devices based on Android and iOS before the end of this summer will be available for free instant messaging service BBM, which so far works only for BlackBerry. BBM an alternative Apple iMessage, but will be in the same cross-plaftormennym, such as, WhatsApp.

more open policy of the company due to its new BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Haynes (Thorsten Heins), who took office in January 2012, before his appointment as directed by two people at the same time – Mike Lazaridis (Mike Lazaridis) and Jim Balsilie (Jim Balsillie). Analysts often criticized for being too this tandem inertia in management.

After coming

Heins BlackBerry has not only become a more open, but also launched a completely new platform – BlackBerry 10 – which is already three devices: BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5. Analysts, however, remain conservative about the prospects vendor Thus, as predicted by Gartner, in the coming years the delivery of BlackBerry devices to the world market will fall.

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