Thursday, June 13, 2013

Android-application creates a 3D-effect, as in iOS 7 - Ruformator

application that exists in November 2012, allows you to install on the startup screen of Android-smartphone 3D-wallpaper having the same parallax effect, as new wallpaper iOS7.

The most popular feature of the new mobile operating system from Apple, shown on Monday at the annual conference WWDC, – start-up screen with a parallax effect, which gives a sense of depth – has long been implemented in Android.


November 2012 from the app store Google Play application can be downloaded 3D Image Live Wallpaper. Its price is 49.77 rubles. When a user download the “Live Wallpapers”, turn your phone left or right to change the wallpaper position, and the icons remain in place as if they were in the foreground and the background, creating a sense of depth.

The comments on this video on YouTube, one user wrote 6 months ago: “Patent it immediately! Apple will steal! “Two days ago podyavilsya answer another user:” Too late, already stole ».

Android Fans accuse Apple is that many of the “new” features iOS 7 – is transcribed on the Apple platform solutions, long ago offered by Google in Android .. For example, in iOS 7 appeared Control Center, which allows you to quickly configure the system (including Wi-Fi, built-in flashlight or switch to a mode of “flight”), and the applications were able to work in the background and automatically updated without user involvement.

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