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Android answer for everything

Sergei Stelmach
14.06.2013 11:51:34

In Android

three-quarters of the global smartphone market. What does this mean? This means that Google bought has created a truly successful mobile system, but sometimes the concept of “success” and “competition authorities” should be hand in hand. Interestingly, the search giant is up to it, and Microsoft has had problems with antimonopolschikami the European Union, which unlike the American colleagues do not like the U.S. very same company (maybe that’s why do not like), but reached a final agreement with them by changing the search engine and on the order reducing the number of aggressive advertising of its services.

But now “it’s time to” Android – European regulator will consider a complaint by Microsoft and Nokia on Google about the abuse of a dominant position in the mobile market. (This accusation seems to be found shred of irony – similar to Google Microsoft for many years dominated the PC market, and for strengthening its position successfully used dubious from the point of view of competition law methods of pressure on competitors – for example, the company has ignored the recommendation evroregulyatora pre-established alternative to select other than the IE browser, for which he paid a fine after the huge size – if I’m not mistaken, $ 750 million) smartphone manufacturers and operators have already sent a list of questions relating to the world’s most popular mobile platform. But this was for Google may not be limited to – it looks a lot more seriously. The fact that the EU antimonopoly, as I understand it, with the filing of Microsoft Google suspected of putting pressure on manufacturers of mobile gadgets – the ones supposedly in agreement with Google were forced delays to market gadgets to competing mobile platforms. Apparently, so vendors were paid for with Google Android, and now the investigation establish the truth – is it possible to consider such an agreement between Google and the legitimate partners.

However, in most Google called the charges unfounded, since the source OS open, and producers, as well as mobile operators are free to decide how to use Android, and what services it preload. I wonder how an antitrust investigation against Android will affect the balance of power in the mobile industry. But on the other hand, is similar to the investigation somehow affect the desktop operating system market – Microsoft as the dominant and dominated it …

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